Terror from the sky

V1- Pulse Jet. Picture thanks to Fiddlers Green

The first bombs were dropped on London and other British cities in 1940 and 1941. It was the first "Blitz". But bombers dropped those. Things were fairly quiet at home for three years until the second Blitz of the V-1 flying bombs. We have the story of that first jet--vs. --jet air battle told by one of the pilots on Kilroy Was Here. See First Salute To the Jet Age.
The V-1 had the official name of Fieseler Fi.103. The "V" was from the German word for "Revenge". It could probably fit into a large 25-foot living room, but you wouldn't want it there. It weighed as much as your car. A ton was high explosives.
most colorful schemes out there..."

What! You ain't got no sirens or doodle-bugs! It must be very dull here." Original British cartoon from 1940s
over and rolled around the vertical dive. Steadying again I pulled out over the tree tops at 500 mph, throttled back and pulled hard over towards the airfield in an over-the-vertical climbing turn, lowering the wheels and flaps in a roll as the speed dropped.
What a magnificent aeroplane! They could have all their Spitfires and Mustangs!" "My part of the sky" by Roland Beamont, taken from the Hawker Tempest Page, http://www.hawkertempest.se/index.htm

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