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01/28/2018 Hot news AFTER shutdown from Meredith Wheeler. . "IS PARIS BURNING" hero. General Dietrich von Choltitz, former Nazi Governor of Paris, was at Camp Clinton too. See Camp Clinton.

January 1, 2018

A Long Goodbye

Aint Gonna Study War No More!

In 1996 when opened, we found the Greatest Generation (WWII) and the Silent Generation (Korea) just facing up to and expressing their memories openly - memories that were held close and ignored for so long. We have faithfully presented them. Now, for obvious and painful reasons, these stories are drying up. started to keep the memory of Kilroy Was Here alive and to give these heroes a final chance to see that their war experiences are not forgotten. Since then we have always been on Google’s search engine's first page and 5 million visitors have read these stories.

The heroes of WWII and Korea are now making their long goodbyes and leaving the stage. It is time for to follow. and will remain right here until May 2018 and indefinitely in the Library of Congress “for future authors and researchers”. See:
The domains are paid for years ahead to ensure they are not picked up and used for purposes that are not consistent with the dignity of these memories.

This is a long goodbye but not a sad one. What a life these people have had! They lived through, and participated in, all the great achievements of the 20th century from the Great Depression to supercomputers. Also, sadly, from the nationwide shock of "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn" (the 1939 film Gone with the Wind) to the F-bomb said by men and women in front of men, women, and children in every movie scene.They fought to leave their America the way they got it. Some remember outhouses, no running water, no electricity or TV and the sound of an airplane was always a reason to run out to watch it go over.

A fond and proud Good Bye to all vets with our thanks for a job well done!

If you have family stories or favorites here, send request and URL of the page to the editor at until May 2018. After that I will try to send you a pdf of your story.

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September 1940

Johnny Blenkinsop (left) and Joe Elliot.

Joe was in the thick of it - from Norway to Bombay - never losing his sense of humor. A wonderful story from a British bombardier. is mobile friendly! No app needed. Try it!

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- Eric Sevareid

01/28/2018 Hot news AFTER shutdown from Meredith Wheeler. . "IS PARIS BURNING" hero. General Dietrich von Choltitz, former Nazi Governor of Paris, was at Camp Clinton too. See Camp Clinton.

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KilroyWasHere has been described as a "National Treasure." It is moved to the Library of Congress every 6 months for "future historians and writers."
This site includes hundreds of first hand stories, thousands of images, book reviews, strange, surprising and amazing stories — and much much more.

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Volume 1. The Legends, Page 1 -- Legends Page 2 -- Sightings Page 1 -- Sightings Page 2 -- Sightings Page 3 How the Kilroy Was Here legends started from the most likely to the most whimsical. Sightings of Kilroy Was Here which continue today

Volume 2. The Foreword and Dedication -- The American GI -- Who we are and what are we doing here?

Volume 3. "The Way We Were"
Stories from individuals during the war years. These stories are sometimes heroic, sometimes funny, poignant, or simply memories that must not be forgotten. This Volume has two sub sections:

In Harm's Way, Page 1 -- Page 2 --Stories from the front like: "About D-day plus 5 on Saipan, I was watching for Japanese soldiers along the beach who were sneaking in to give directions for artillery fire. I was sitting in the turret of an armored Amphib. About 2300 I saw the faint outline of what appeared to be a Marine walking along the beach. There was no moon and the only light was from a fire burning about one hundred yards away. Japanese soldiers had a habit of wearing U.S. Marine helmets and carrying M1's when they could find them. In the dark they were hard to identify by a silhouette. When the guy got within 50 feet, I asked the usual "Who goes there?". The answer came back in perfect English, "ITS ME, GI JOE. A MARINE LIKE YOU." So I aimed about 8 inches below the outline of his helmet and shot. The next morning there was one dead Japanese officer in the sand. I never heard of a Marine calling himself G I Joe. I don't think I ever will.

The Home Front, Page 1 Many wonderful stories about life at home during the war. One, a lovely, privileged debutante who rolled up her sleeves and joined the war effort. Another, a beautiful widow who struggled through it alone. Several more, for example, a child's reaction to the Blitz in London.

Volume 4. The Places, Page 1 -- Page 2 -- What's left of the places that played a large role in WWII or Korea. Some are still there while some are just ruins. One is the German POW camp in Clinton MS (near Jackson). "The good people in Clinton and Jackson, MS just couldn't give up their Southern hospitality long enough to run a proper prisoner of war camp! Read this wonderful story of a POW camp so good that the German prisoners come back for reunions!"

Volume 5. Miscellany, Page 1 -- Page 2 --This is some of the sidebars to that history. It includes Gremlins and Foo Fighters as well as book reviews and even Lena the Hyena

Volume 6. "The Rest of the Story" Page 1." Inspiring and unique stories of the war years. You have probably been sent some of these via e-mail. Many have been picked up and sent around by people who were moved by them. Gordon Sinclair's "The Americans" or, believe it or not, when the US mainland was bombed by the Japanese. I don't mean balloon bombs or shelling by a submarine, but actually bombed from an enemy aircraft.

Volume 7. Letters to the editor Page 1 -- Page 2 --
Volume 7, Searches Page 1 - Page 2

Volume 8. Research Area. Awards -- Veterans Info Finder -- WWII Sites -- Korean War Sites -- Miscellaneous and Organizations -- Commercial -- The place for serious historians. It includes Awards and links to historic sites you might not find on the search engines.

Volume 9 Tributes, Page 1 -- page 2 -- Second person stories and tributes to those who shouldn't be forgotten. One, a young man who remembered stories his father told him of New Guinea. He went back and found the places and tells the incredible stories again.

Volume 10. Timeline of WWII and Korea. Major events with Kilroy Was Here stories to put them in perspective.

Volume 11. Is the Guest Book . . . Now's your chance to write on HIS wall!

Volume 12. Searches, Page 1 -- Page 2 -- Where people post search for friends and relatives. If you are interested in any particular subject there is a site search engine on all the main pages.


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Kilroy Was Here Produced Videos/Books

Have you heard of the forgotten saint from the Forgotten War? He has received the Medal of Honor and is in line for sainthood.

Have you heard of the London Guns? If Hitler had completed them, they would have lobbed 600 300 pound bombs PER HOUR into London. They never fired a shot but grossly affected world history in ways we will never fully know.

The US mainland has NEVER been bombed from the air . . . right? WRONG! The Japanese did in 1942! Find out the details.

These are only a few of the amazing stories you will find in this book!

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An 8 minute video about Frogmen & Saipan. Click the image

A 15 minute Interview with Kilroy's children. Click the image

An amazing insight into life in WWII. Even a sad lament from an unborn baby who's chosen father to-be is dying "My father is dying, dying I say on a cold and cruel battleground.". Click the image

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