They went in together and all came home together. To me this is a great legacy

Pictures of the Company E, Weapons platoon

By John (Doc) Laba

167 Infantry, 31st Infantry Division, Company E, Weapons platoon. February 1944
Camp Pickett, VA. My dad is front row 2nd from left

1st Row left to right: R.L Wollard (TX), Pete Laba (PA), Ernest L. Masecle (TX) Lt. William Bogutakis (NY), G Rodgers (AL), Thomas S. Ticchitli (PA), Francis Horn (FL),
2nd Row left to right: Nick Lobrus (PA), Mike Harrick (PA), John Bennett (PA), James Cray (AL), George Miller (GA), Clarence Carney (GA), Lenard Alhed (GA), Walter Steele (SC), Lever Scury (SC), Thomas Sigman (NC)
3rd Row left to right: Walter Sexton (NC), Clinton Wilson, Richard Moyar (PA), Fred Bender (PA),
Y. E. Wasden (GA), Earl Gilmore (GA), Leaman Beerkett (FL), Robert Wolske (TX), Steve Paczek (OH),
4th Row
left to right: Bernard Wojcik (PA), Lyman Hobbit (CA), Edwards Sims (NC), Allen Canther (PA), Frank Webber (MD), Charles Olesh (PA), Jack Bulard (TX).

Leo, Pete (my Dad) and Jake at
Camp Shelby, MS

George and Pete. Mindinao, August 1944

Members of E Company taken on Moratai Island, December 1944

Big Mike and Pete, Moratai December 1944

Pete Laba in "camo" gear. New Guinea, 1944

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