Aubrey Paul Tillery

Aubry Paul Tillery

I (editor) knew Paul though his writing only - we were unrelated. Even though his writing was all, I knew from the strength and concern readily apparent there that he would end his life story with as much courage as when, as a youngster, he answered his country's call in New Guinea, Morotai, and Mindanao. This knowledge of Paul's character is shared by friends, relatives and his wife, Ruth who knew him best,

In New Guinea, there is an obscure river named Driniumor. Back on forth across this river was a battle described by historian Eric Bergerud as a "knife fight out of the stone age" This almost forgotten battle was one of the most brutal of the entire brutal war. Paul was there!

The Battle of Morotai began in September 1944. MacArthur expected little opposition but the vicious battle continued until the war ended. Before it was finished and after the worse battles, he and his battled hardened companions were needed elsewhere! They were pulled out leaving the long mopping up to others. Paul was there!

The Battle of Mindanao started in March 1945 as part of the liberation of the Philippines. The island's inhospitable geography, the extended Japanese defenses, and the strength and condition of the Japanese forces (significant remaining concentration of combat troops) made the landings and battles especially costly. Paul was there!

The Battle of Prostate began in March 2008. Like the ones in WWII, Paul saw it as just another battle he might not survive but one that he would document and save for later veterans of this battle. He hoped they would find hope and comfort in his words that he left for them. Paul was there!

He lost this battle some 5 months after the last journal entry (below.)

Here are his words and details of the battle that followed.


After much thought I decided to post this in hopes that it may point out that an aggressive prostate cancer can be serious. Guys, take heed as most of you will have to deal with Prostate Cancer if you live long enough. Some of you know that I have been receiving treatment since May of 2008 for Prostate Cancer. My PSA had gone from 7 to 15 in a couple of years. A biopsy revealed cancer in all 12 snips removed from the prostate. Unfortunately it is an aggressive cancer (9 on the Gleason scale). The Urologist injects hormones once per month to help slow down the cancer spread. Radiation at Shands UF Cancer Center was finished in July and on Sept 2, my PSA was down to 2.5. By Dec. 16 PSA was up to 43.5 and my Urologist referred me to an Oncologist. He prescribed medication for now and ordered a Pet Scan and a Bone Scan as Prostate Cancer tends to attack the bones. These revealed a couple of very small cancers one on the spine and one on the ribs. The PSA has continued to climb and by 9 Feb 09 it was 133. Monthly Infusions to strengthen the bones are scheduled to begin March 23rd. They could not be started until two months after the extraction of some teeth that I was going through at the time. My Oncologist has warned me to be very careful and not do anything heavy as my bones are very susceptible to fracture. So far I have not experienced any pain but in time bone pain will probably show up. Spot radiation can be used to kill the cancer in a bone. I have been told that bone pain could begin as early as this year or it could be 18 months.

In the meantime I am very, very thankful for the healthy life that I have enjoyed for these 89 years and am ready for whatever the future holds for me.


March 13, 2008 Urologist Dr Bullen My PSA went from 7 to 15 in 2 years and a biopsy disclosed aggressive (Gleason 9) Prostate cancer.

March 27 Two tests, one at DIG and another at Invision a Bone Scan and a CT Scan revealed that the the cancer had not spread.

March 31 Bullen Lupron Depot injection that lasts for one month. This supposed to keep testosterone from spreading the cancer. He also made an appointment for me with the Shands Univ.of Fla cancer center for a consultation.

April 4 UF Cancer Center Radiation Oncologist Dr Zlotecki At the consultation they decided to wait and see my reaction to the injection. My understanding was that would be one thing to consider in radiation treatment.

May 12 Bullen All went well with the one month injection and the he gave me a four month injection.

May 16 Zlotecki At the UF cancer center made all the necessary tests and markings on my body in preparation to begin the radiation treatments.

May 22 UF Cancer Center Received the 1st of 30 radiation treatments to be given 5 days per week.

July 09 Final radiation treatment. It ran a little longer because of holidays and some other missed days. The radiation affected my Bladder as I had to urinate more often and most of the time very urgent. It also affected my Bowel as there was a diarrhea problem. A Hemorrhoid cream soothed the irritation in the anal area. Passed some blood in urine and stool. All of these are normal results of the radiation and they became more pronounced in perhaps the final 2 to 3 weeks. Urinating was extremely painful most of that time and even after the radiation was finished. I also had to take an anti biotic twice for Bladder infections. This came about after the final radiation treatment.

Aug 29 Zlotecki They waited one several weeks while my system settles down from the radiation to take a blood and urine test.

Sept 2 The Cancer Center telephoned me that the Urine test was clear and my PSA was 2.5 which is well within the normal range.

Sept 17 Bullen He says that they prefer to have the PSA down to 1. I informed him about side effects that I was experiencing as a result of the 4 month Lupron injection, some were Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Weakness, Shortness of Breath, Slight Dizziness at times, some Muscle aches, slight diarrhea. His opinion is that I should continue with the Lupon injections because my cancer was the aggressive type. Rather than a 4 month injection we would go with a 1 month injection which should cause less side effects. He said they had patients that get the 1 month injection on a regular basis. So I consented to the 1 month injection.


Nov 20 Cox Physical PSA was 20.8

Dec 3 Bullen Lupon Injection PSA 28

Dec 4 Zlotecki not too concerned about the 20.8 but he did not have the 28
reading at that time

Dec 6 Started using POM wonderful 100% pomegranate juice

Dec 16 Dr. Peter Acs, oncologist. Bullen referred as Lupon was not as effective as desired. Acs ordered Pet Scan and Bone scan. Also prescription for Casodex 50MG Tabs, begin taking 1 daily after Jan 1
PSA 43.5

Dec 23 Invision PET/CT

Jan 2, 2009 Began taking Casodex 50mg one tablet daily

Jan 7 Bullen Lupon Injection

Jan 8, Doctors Imaging Group Bone scan

Jan 13 Acs Did not see Acs, saw Olivia, blood drawn. PSA 69.73

Feb 9 Zlotecki We agreed that I did not need to see him anymore unless radiation was needed.

Feb 9 Acs I am not to do anything heavy, to protect bones from fracture blood drawn. PSA 133

Feb 11 Bullen Lupon Injection He will talk with Acs about the continued rising of the PSA

March 5 Not long after I began taking Casodex side effects such as, icky stomach, nausea, digestive system, no appetite, weak, walk weakly, constipation, no energy, began to occur which I at that time I did not attribute to Casodex. They continued and I became weaker and weaker. About Feb 19 I contacted my Oncologist's office but am not sure of the nurse that I spoke with but don't think it was Susan. Anyway I was not encouraged to stop the Casodex but was told that I may have the Flu and to contact my Primary Doctor. On Friday Feb 20 Dr Cox was not in his office but I saw the Nurse Practioner who found nothing wrong. I saw Dr Cox on the 24th but besides the fact that I was weak nothing wrong was found. I continued to take Casodex and the side effects worsened. Then on Feb 5th I blacked out while in the kitchen and fell on the tile floor breaking my collar bone along with a few other bruises. This was on a Thursday and Ruth drove me to North Florida Regional where I was admitted. Many tests were run on my head and heart but nothing wrong was found. Then late Friday I was discharged and arrive back home after dark. All of this was phoned to on Monday Susan and I told her that I had discontinued the Casodex and she agreed. The nausea and other side effects went away and my appetite is getting better as I am growing stronger. As of today March 24th I am still not back to normal but seem to be improving daily.

March 16 ACS Did not see Dr but I refused blood work because of my weakened condition.

Mar 18 Dr Parr (Orthopedics) Says broken collar bone is healing nicely and he gave me instructions on how to deal with it.

Mar 19 Bullen Lupron Injection

Mar 24 ACS Blood drawn Did not see Dr but did see Pa C Olivia M Shaw who was very helpful in answering our questions. Susan will call and set up Infusion date. PSA 250

Apr 14 Acs Blood work for infusion next Did not see Dr

Apr 21 Acs Shaw came in the room and I told her that my appointment was at 0ne with Acs. It was now 1:15. She said he was doing a biopsy and that I would have to wait about 30 minutes. I told her that I would wait. Dr Acs came later and we (Reid was with me) had a very good discussion . The Zomata Infusion followed and lasted about 30 minutes . The next day I had a fever of 101.4, mild nausea, no appetite, tired and constipation. PSA 290

May 5 Acs If no Chemo I have 6months to a year. With Chemo maybe two years. Dr Acs phoned me on may 6 and told me my PSA was 399. I advised him that I would not take Chemo.

May 7 Bullen Lupron Injection

May 19 Acs Did not see Dr but did see Shaw Appointment was 1:40 They drew blood and briefly talked with Shaw. Went down about 2:10 for Zomata but had to wait until 3:45 because blood work from two weeks ago did not render needed information for Zomata and the wait was for the Lab to process the blood drawn today. I was finished at 4:15.

This was the last entry. According to his wife, Ruth, he died five months later with little pain.

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