TO: Brigadier General Joseph C. Hutchinson
..........Commanding General, 3lst Infantry Division, United States Army


1. I, Lieutenant General Gyosaku Morozumi Acting Commanding General of the 35th Army and Commanding General of the 30th Division, hereby unconditionally surrender on this day all the officers and men, and all arms, military equipment, records and supplies under my command to the Commanding General, 31st Infantry Division, United States Army.

2. I agree faithfully henceforth to obey the orders of the Commanding General,3ist Infantry Division, and to direct all members of my Command so to do.

3. I will use all means that I possess to secure as early as possible the assembly of all troops under my command within Reception Centers established by the United States Army, and will take action as directed by you to establish liaison with units and individuals who have not yet surrendered.

4. I will report all known locations of explosives and mines, both land and water. where presence is a hazard to life and property.

The document Is signed by Gyosaku Morozumi
Lieutenant General, Imperial Japanese Army,

8 September 1945


Signed by Joseph C. Hutchinson
Brigadier General ,United. States Army

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