124th Infantry Regimental Combat Team Command
Driniumor River Campaign

By Ken Walters

This was one of the most vicious battles of the entire war. It has been described by one historian as "A knife fight out of the stone age," ". . . some of the harshest terrain ever faced by land armies in the history of the war," ". . . one of the forgotten, grislier, campaigns of WWII."

In 2010, National Geographic reported that there were still headhunters and cannibals on New Guinea. They were smart enough to hide out during this campaign.

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". . . most merciless and most primeval battles."

George Johnston, an Australian war correspondent

The "ultimate nightmare country."

General Hugh Casy, MacArthur's chief engineer.

New Guinea head hunters
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"war would be almost impossible to wage on this island."

General Hugh Casy, MacArthur's chief engineer.

It was in 1968 during the height of the Cold War and the war in Viet Nam raging. I was attending the Foreign Service Institute in Washington, D.C. Our speaker, a Mr. Cabot Lodge, told of an abortive raid by a team from the USSR. A small armed force went deep into New Guinea to start a communist movement. Their usual method was to kill any leader that arose making it easy to control leaderless natives. Mr. Cabot Lodge concluded by "the mission failed. They were eaten . . . They didn't try again."

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This is another first hand record about this battle. Some parts are not easy to read. It is certainly not for the queasy. Pat Harrison Bullock tells it like it was.

New Guinea Man
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1 The Unit Journal. This includes more information about the battles including an article by Arthur Veyseym, Chicago Press Service. It also includes names as well as casualties. This is in Adobe Acrobat format to preserve the original look and feel.

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2. Notebook PFC Pat Harrison Bullock's personal notes while in combat in the New Guinea jungles of 1944. It pulls no punches. It was typed from the original for readability.

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3. Memoirs PFC Pat Harrison Bullock's comments about the battle written much later.

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