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WWII Kilroy Was Here  Mel Allan

 TSgt. Allan, 1981

Letter #1 "Leaving San Francisco"

Letter #2 "Aussi Races & Trains"

Letter #3 "The Bloody Bondi"

Letter #4 "The P-40s Arrive!

Letter #5 "Darwin, the "the Pearl of the 0rient" was no more! "

Letter #6 "The SNAFU maru"

Letter #7 "A full stomach and Olive Green Underwear"

Letter #8 "Bats, Owls and our first Zero"

Letter #9 "Aborigines, Uranium and Lizards"

Letter #10 "Let That Damn Dog in First"

Letter #11 "Our own Volcano"

Letter #12"The Man-Eating Lizard"

Letter #13 "The Jap Invasion"

Letter #14 "Destination New Guinea"

Letter #15 "My #68 Never Showed Up"

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