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I used to dream of visiting historic war-time places like Guadalcanal, Inchon, or Bastogne to see what was left of the debris and destruction of war. It wasn't till late in life that I, after visiting a few of those places, realized that many are here in my back yard.   This is an attempt to catalog them.  If you are traveling anywhere in the world, but mostly here in the USA, look here first for directions to sites of interest.   If you know of one, please send any pictures (then or now) and description.


To Al and the rest of the "Yawl" group. Silent Generation members all. Born and raised in the shadow of the GI Generation ("The Greatest Generation") they quietly went about their business of fighting the cold war and the hot one in Korea without complaint. They never demanded memorials. They, to a man and woman, went about their duty, some in vicious combat, silently and competently.

This site is also dedicated to those brave men and women who lived through the clarity and united purpose of World War II ("The Last Good War") and the confusion and beginning disunity and lack of government purpose of the Korean War ("The Forgotten War"). This lack of purpose culminated in the war in Viet Nam when brave men and women discovered that the enemy was, in addition to the Viet Cong, the news media and the strident leftists.


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Bill Mauldin's GI Joe

TIME Magazine announced it's Man of the Century on December 28, 1999. That person, Albert Einstein in their view, is the one person who has most influenced the course of history over the past 100 years.

The "the American GI" was a finalist in the Heroes and Icons category. It was the only nomination that is not a single individual. General Powell wrote the introduction to this nomination. It is reproduced here and is well worth reading.

The American G.I. by General Colin Powell

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