Request for Kilroy Was Here stamp






Dear Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee

I am writing to ask that the U.S. Postal Service issue a stamp commemorating the popular WWII graffiti "Kilroy Was Here."

Kilroy Was Here was with every GI on every combat or occupation assignment during WWII and Korea. The phenomenon continues in The Gulf War, Afghanistan and Iraq. He has been and is the GIs best friend. No matter how bad it got, how dirty, tired, or scared, a GI was, he found that Kilroy had already been there . . . and survived. Ask any veteran! He will tell you how much comfort and fun Kilroy was.

We are losing the Greatest Generation now so very fast. It is estimated that ten to fifteen thousand pass on every day. Now, while there are still some World War II veterans still alive, is the time that the U.S. Postal Service salute the bravery and resolution of the Greatest Generation is by the issuing of a stamp.


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Please print this, personalize and send to

Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee
Stamp Development
US Postal Service
1735 North Lynn Street, Rm. 501
Arlington VA 22209-6432

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