A Special 4th of July Message 2002

In a July 1, 2002 Fox News Report by Michael Park, movie icon, Tom Cruise was quoted, "I do worry about my children. As a parent you are always concerned, I just want them to be in a place where they are going to be strong enough to make the right choices. Unfortunately, we're in a position where people are so irresponsible that human life holds such little value to them.” “I think the U.S. is terrifying and it saddens me," "You only have to look at the state of affairs in America."

Recently there was a report about an entire class of high school students cheating on an examination to which the teacher’s response was to award them failing grades. Parents were outraged at the teacher’s lack of compassion and the School Board forced the grades to be changed. The teacher resigned; and, so much for teaching “right choices.” Congratulations to the teacher and shame on the children, parents and School Board. This little example sheds some light on the accelerating breakdown of basic ethics and morality in the US. A footnote to this episode is that one of the students explained in an interview, that in today’s culture cheating was expected and normal. The problems are complicated by too many whose priorities and values are so dysfunctional that they do not even know of the concept of “right from wrong,” to them everything is relative to their desires, lusts, greed and self. Alas, a child after Clinton’s own heart.

With daily attacks upon the strengths, institutions, traditions, and upon American nationhood, the thought arises, “how much longer before it collapses?” The stock market, long over-inflated is in the process of rapid deflation, stockholders are losing and CEOs are abandoning ship, with their millions of course. Greed, lust and avarice of the 90’s is coming home to roost. The Nation’s long assaulted structural strength will give way in the same manner as the twin towers on September 11th, 2001, absent determination and action to fend off the assaults. Survival will require, among other things, that the majority begin to stand up for its rights, and mean it.

It’s time to tell the UN, so-called “friends,” and internal liberal masochists to “take a long walk on a short pier.” To the extent that includes Hollywood, as the saying goes, “good riddance.” Perhaps they would prefer Sweden where they restrict freedom of speech, or Europe where laws proscribe criticism of the EU, or China where they jail or execute those who resist the Communist government, or to any Muslim country where you dare not speak to anyone about another religion, where homosexuals are beheaded and women are treated as property, or Africa where most countries are basket cases, or South America where they can live under some nice little dictatorship.

On the other hand there are over a million Americans who wear their country’s uniform, who suffer privation, hardship and danger, who put their lives on the line so that the freedom and liberties we enjoy will continue for generations to come. If nothing else, we owe to them to do whatever it takes to preserve this beacon in the darkness, this port of hope in the storm, this magnificent land of freedom, promise and opportunity. We owe them our gratitude and thanks for the breath of freedom, for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that they make possible.

Oh, yes, the USA may have its problems, but this I am for fixing them, not abandoning the greatest nation in the history of the world. That takes commitment, leadership and hard work. Let’s get started by standing up for majority rights; by retaking the government, electing statesmen, not politically correct, self-serving, careerist politicians; the classrooms, the entertainment industry and the media from liberals. Let’s get started by reading, understanding and applying the Constitution; and to be repetitive, and the Bible from whence it sprung; “One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.”

It’s time for a latter day 4th of July; Happy Birthday America!

Semper Fidelis

Robert Pappas


Copyright © July 1st, 2002, 2002, by Robert L. Pappas.
With proper attribution, this essay may be quoted and redistributed.

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