Kilroy on the Statue of Liberty

There are rumors that "Kilroy Was Here" can be found at the top of the Statue of Liberty. Well, they are not rumors! Please visit our website : to view a real photo of a banner with "Kilroy was here" draped across Liberty's brow. If you look carefully, you can see my father's hands holding the banner. (See orange hand pointer)

This photo was taken during the 1985 centennial restoration of the Statue. Our company proudly was awarded the installation of the Bronze replacement windows. I'm the 69 year old son of the founder of Kilroy Architectural Windows, Inc ( formerly known as Kilroy Metal Products, Inc). My father was a Navy veteran who was involved in two desperate invasions; Eniwetok and Okinawa.

After the war he started a window repair company named Kilroy Metal Products, based on the namesake from the second world war.

Our company today is proud of our 66 year lineage and connection to "the greatest generation". Over the years we have rebuilt or replaced windows in the greatest New York City and national landmark buildings including:

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Photo of Kilroy Was Here banner placed on Lady Liberty's brow during 1985 Restoration. Note the person holding the banner is Kilroy's founder — Charles Krobot Jr.

The Empire State Building
The Flatiron Building
The Waldorf Astoria Hotel
The General Electric Tower

And our nations most enduring symbol of freedom…The Statue of Liberty.


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Work in progress

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KilroyWindows's founder — Charles Krobot Jr.

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Work progressing inside (See orange hand pointer for founder)

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